** 11-14-2020 New Prophetic Alert: 
DEMONS in the Media **

Dear Saints and Leaders,

I want to thank so many of you who are now interacting and encouraging our ministry to continue to share the dreams and visions God has given me with the world. After praying through several of your responses to my last email alert, I would now like to submit to you one of the most intense encounters with the demonic realm that I have ever had. It occurred over the summer and was published online June 1st. I now recognize that many of you either never had the chance to read it or need to revisit my encounter right now. I do this being prompted by the Holy Spirit for two reasons. The first is to expose the strategy of the devil in America and secondly so that we might know how to target our fasting and prayer for breakthrough and deliverance during this critical hour in history.

As I have ministered in 15 states and more than 20 cities in 2020, I have heard the following words echoed from every leader I trust- “Jeremiah, there is more demonic activity right now in America than at any other point in history” These words have been repeated verbatim by so many seasoned leaders around the country that I have been driven back to the place of intercession again and again! This confession has greatly troubled my soul!

My prayer and question to God has been simple in 2020- “Father, why do so many seasoned leaders recognize the absolute demonic activity in America and at the same time- it appears millions of Christians are totally clueless to it.” You read my prayer and question correctly. I am convinced that the greatest need in the body of Christ today is the gift of discernment. Isn’t is startling with the Covid-19 crisis and now national election turmoil that so many believers are completely out of touch with the spirit realm? Have we forgotten that our wrestle in America is not against political parties but against principalities and powers? (Ephesians 6:12)

As we continue to engage God in prayer and fasting regarding Covid-19, the 2020 elections, and beyond, please understand that the spiritual warfare concerning the destiny of America is real and must be taken seriously. For thousands, what it’s going to take to get them awake is for them to swallow this bold truth. The most anointed false prophet in the earth today is the lying media and it has millions of Christians underneath its influence and they don’t even know it! As believers in Jesus Christ, we have been given tools and strategies to defeat the devil and we must discern the deception and agenda at work in our country.

The Demonic Encounter

On the night of May 30th, while praying and pacing concerning the United States in my home around 2 am, a demonic entity appeared right before me in an open vision. This type of encounter has only ever happened one other time while I was ministering in a foreign country in 2015. I have always engaged in this type of spiritual warfare while asleep and dreaming prophetically, but rarely if ever to this degree while awake. 

This demonic entity had a visible and deep scar underneath its right eye, but it also had the ability to mutate or rather change forms. I watched this “being” morph several times right in front of me, yet the gash below its right eye remained. It pointed its finger right in my face and said, “I exist to deceive the whole world. Just as there are forerunners in the kingdom of God that go before the Son of Man, so I am a forerunning spirit in the kingdom of darkness that has been sent before the coming of the man of lawlessness.”

It continued, “The scar underneath my right eye has come at the hands of the praying Church, for many of them in this hour have begun to detect our true plans and purposes to disrupt systems, divert attention, and release chaos in the land.” Please write those three words down and make note of them in prayer!

1. Disrupt Systems
2. Divert Attention
3. Release Chaos

At this point in the encounter, the hair on my body was standing straight up as I had never been told anything like this at length by a demonic entity. Suddenly, all I can describe is the authority and mind of Christ came upon me and I pointed my finger back at this demon and demanded, “Who is the source behind your power and influence?” It began to laugh hysterically, a sound that still taunts me and with great rage this demon answered and roared, “The Media!” 

I fixed my gaze upon it and said, “You devil that has come to deceive the whole world through the media and is being exposed right now, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to reveal your agenda!” With a sneer it began to manifest a foul spirit and the first wave I smelled was FEAR. I saw the Coronavirus spreading across the whole world and the spirit of fear attached to it. The second wave of stench the demon manifested was HATE and I saw the cities on fire and racism escalating. The third wave that came was GREED and it was the strongest of all the smells.

In that moment of time, by way of Holy Spirit revelation, I understood that what we are witnessing in 2020, beyond a virus and beyond racism and police brutality is a diabolical and sinister agenda called “greed”. A wave of fear has hit through the virus and now a wave of anger through the riots, but the real culprit is greed, even behind the medical and science industries.

Revelation chapter 18 gives a description of the fall of Babylon and in verse 23 it gives us the reason why all nations were deceived. This may be shocking for many people. Referring to the fall of Babylon Revelation 18:23 says “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

A bible scholar comments and says, “By the “sorceries” of Babylon all nations were deceived. The Greek word for “sorceries” in verse 23 is “pharmakeia” [far-mak-i’-ah]. According to the Thayer Greek Dictionary “pharmakeia” is “the use or administering of drugs; poisoning; and sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.” If you put the original Greek word “pharmakeia” in place of the English word “sorceries” the end of verse 23 would say, “For by the pharmakeia were ALL nations deceived”! “Pharmakeia” is where we get our English word “pharmacy”! Pharmacy is a well organized and professionalized system that administers poisonous drugs. The Bible reveals that Babylon will deceive all nations by the use of pharmacy that is in connection to “magical arts” and idolatry. “Magical arts” has its deep roots in witchcraft and the occultic world.

In other words, the world is being held hostage right now by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. There is so much deception being spread through the lying media that now we must understand what we are “seeing” and “hearing” on the news and social media is a simple diversion from the real truth to create chaos and disrupt systems. 

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, we must now begin to target our prayers on the spirit of greed and understand the fight is regarding the finances!

The finances behind the Covid-19 virus!
The finances behind the rioting and looting!
The finances behind taking down the President!

When discerning Christians wake up and begin to recognize what is happening in 2020, all of a sudden, China, The WHO, George Soros, Bill Gates, and Big Tech are seen in a completely different light. The 2020 election is a historic spiritual battle concerning way more than two men and two political parties. We must understand that there is a totally demonic agenda attached to the lying media that has come to deceive millions of Christians. Too many Christians are so busy online arguing about the personality of Donald Trump and Joe Biden that they have failed to recognize the personality and strategy of the devil! This is not conspiracy theory. This is the truth that needs to set millions of Christians free from deception and awaken them to the alarm that is sounding in America and the nations of the earth.

If you have not already written me off as an absolute lunatic for daring to share this demonic encounter I had back on May 30th of this year, join me in prayer through these prayer points below and share them with as many discerning leaders and saints as you can. As always, be encouraged! As the Scriptures say, “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4 We are truly living in one of the greatest era’s in history. Jesus Christ is building His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! (Matthew 16:18)

Prayer Points

• Pray for a mighty prayer movement to arise and for believers to discern the plans of the enemy.
• Pray for the lost souls in the media, that they may be set free from hatred, lies and deception and see their need for Jesus.
• Pray for fresh media outlets to arise and speak truth
• Pray for bold and uncompromising voices to arise
• Pray against greed, selfishness, and the love of money.
• Call on God to cut off the root of all evil and deliver us from the control of the spirit of greed.
• Pray for deception and agendas in the medical and science industries to be exposed
• Pray that the remnant Church would arise and shake the gates of hell in the name of Jesus Christ. 

P.S. Be on the lookout for my next prophetic alert on “Watchmen Wednesday” November 18th. 

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